Kehida Thermal Spa

termalThe family's bath with 2400 m2 of water surface, more than 1500 wait for his dear guests with a deckchair which can be used gratis, a free parking opportunity.
Mom, dad, the trifles and the grandparents – Kehida Termál Gyógy- and anybody finds it in a whole year in an experience bath his mood truth! Kehida Termál Gyógy-and experience bath with Mediterranean inner spaces, 13 pools, 94 metre giant slides, outside kamikaze with slides, open-air 34-36 °C of spontoon warmth vizes- and with health pools, a champagne island, twistingmedencével, gyermekwith one splashing about, pool many other seducers are available with an experience element with a bar and yet!




Roman age Chapel of Semetery (Deák-crypt)

deaksirThe cemetery chapel the scribe it was transformed into a family's sepulchral vault. The family buried itself in this until the middle of the 19. century.







Deák Mansion


He presents his path of life to Deák Ferenc, the wise man of the homeland. The museum onto 500 metres can be found from Mézes Vendégház.








"Lady Day" Roman Catholic Church


Hertelendy Gábor started having the baroque church built in 1747, it was devoted to the respect of Lady Day up. The tree, a baroque altar and the pulpit are his outstanding ancient monument values. On Sunday and the masses are beginning at the time of 11.30 on high days.







Kustányi (Remetei) old Church - XII. century


It is possible to deduce it from the residues, that one from outside 6 articulated metres wide and 18 m long, 7,5 metres may have been tall buildings possibly. His style considering Gothic, keletelt (his holiday needed the name-giving saint on his day in the longitudinal axis to bake for the light of the day getting up.), church ruin with a brick masonry. The Ny-i in the middle axis of a facade the former gate on the side of his place, the stump of a tower leaving from a console pair above it, two ogival vakívsor fractions visible. We see the residues of baroque and a medieval vault on the western wall.

Kehidakustány, Ady E. u. 20.

Lóránt Zsolt