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Not Kehidakustány may be flaunting several sights only, but the village's narrower and wider neighbourhood hides a number interest, which ones worthy to discover!

We would like to add a mood to these in the undermentioned ones! We hope for it, finds it, let what he desires just be a word even from ancient monuments, even from sightseeing, you are just from a hiking... Ha though to the realisation of one of the programs would like to receive help, we are at his service with pleasure.


Cities near to us:

Hévíz - Keszthely - Zalaegerszeg - Zalaszentgrót


Little Villages - big Values:

Roundchurch of Kallósd (4 km)


Romanesque St. Anna circle church (rotunda) the 13. was being built in a hundred. The gyepűkhoz extended near since Hungary is the settlement on a legatee's western borderland, the wars avoided the country, the church shows his original state well so.
The stone was built of a brick on foundation walls, which a bell worked up conically, stand shaped disk roof FED. A lower, semicircular apse joins the circle church on the eastern side. Vertical lanes placed densely, lizénák articulate the church's exterior. On the southwestern side lévõ semicircular windows are cut into the wall beside an entrance.
The ancient round ground-plan, the exterior lizénák, the cornice, the semicircular apse, the cupola was all made of a building in the Romanian architectural age they bear witness and the XIII. in the middle of a century relate.

Zalacsány - Lake for fishing (4km)


The more than 10000m2 water surface Zalacsány lake the duet brook swelling up created reservoir, the anglers' real tomato, from us 4km-re is spread down along the 76 road, in picturesque environment. The lake offers a luxurious sight in all seasons in the embrace of the forests crawling onto the hills, and tempted with his tended environment, without a fishing rod superb outleap. If the stick is the fellow traveller, important one after all to know about the fact that the day pass is not necessary to his redemption state ticket. The wide choice of the Hungarian fish fauna is waiting next in the lake the pecásra from the carp through the bream ones until the big one, African catfish wait for the objection though in the the smaller, so-called sight lake.

Ovenchurch of Sénye (12km)


Sénye, the little sack village with only 42 residents the 2003 Mays furnace consecrated on 24 a chapel made it known. The church's constructor and his proprietor an architect couple Szilágyi István and Szilágyiné Galácz Zsuzsanna, dreaming and his designer Vadász György. V.Szabó Noémi pictures depicting the Sun and a moon as a painter decorate the inside of the chapel for Vadász György wife. The building with the shape which can be compared to the haycock stands between the vineyards, on the hilltop, from where to see until Zalaszentgrót from Kehidakustány watching to the west the fabulous one Rezi keeps a Zala valley, the other one waiting on a side, Zalaszántó Sztupát, forests, fields, vineyards. 

The god's furnace a huge Hungarian flag stands beside a chapel known on a name, arousing the attention, showing the direction...
An asphalt road which can be attended freely drives to the chapel. The intimate site of taking a photo is weddings, his wedding.

Csáford: Energy-park (12 km)

From the eastern therapy we know that the energy flows of the human body happen along meridians. Energy lines enmesh the Earth similarly to our body, these some people for the meridians of the Earth, others holy György-, the eastern ones dragon-, the Englishs call them Ley lines. The Csáford energy park these lines his special, junction healing according to single ones. We may stumble upon the road driving to the park on the place signaled with a black arrow on the undermentioned map, we may attune to the special experience with some minute walkings then...

Rezi: Dinopark

230 million years Timeslip, 23000: Dinopark and Adventurepark!


Nagygörbő-Vindornyaszőlős: Basalt street

 MG 2553

Between Nagygörbő and Vindornyaszőlős settling down on a tour route the Kovácsi-hegy his most beautiful protected natural values can be recognised. The cca. 4 km-es we get to know famous Bazalt utcát, the legendary game girl on a route barlagot. Worthy bypass to do was the Nagygörbő one to a quarry and its refuse dump. Buruczky Ferenc accompanies our road all the way along with the rest benches of a doctrine path and his informational boards. It is possible to go along stony Bazalt utcán on foot only.





Peat Bog near Vindornyaszőlős


The Vindornyaszőlős one given up peat bog was a peat mine once. The moorland was drained in the interest of the exploitation of the peat, for which one a bee-line bed was assigned on the row of the Vindornya brook nourishing the moorland, it was driven through the moorland between fillings, and it was insured the free one vízdraining away. The nature reconquered the fractured moorland area meanwhile and it turned into a rich habitat. The Vindornya moorland, than valuable aquatic habitat indigenous, protected plant and provides a home to species. The moorland was interesting tourist destination with his doctrine path by today.









Peace Stupa, Zalaszántó (22 km)


The Peace Stupa is Central Europe's first Buddhist sanctuary (his stupa). The sanctuary beside Zalaszántó can be found on the Kovácsi-hill, recovered on the middle of a sylvan clearing in 1992. In him some pieces of Buddha remains, tiny spiculum in an ornate holder. The snow-white building is 30 m tall and 24 m wide. The religion is not practised here and it is not possible to get into the inside of the sanctuary, the attention of a closed building, two monks. The stupa looks in the direction of southeast, that the human rights call the part of his park the mountain.

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