tamasmeheszeteMézes Vendégház and Appartement his name our apiculture last, my son Farkas Tamás keeps bees already more, than 12 of his years. His intestine grew into the knacks of the apiculture as a child, the beekeeper did it then school. Produces the honey, a couple of his years with 130 of his apicultures having a family currently started wandering, kind honeys differing so expand the choice.
Currently robinia honey, Linden honey, rape honey, facéliamézet, we can recommend honeydew honey and nectar to honey consumers, our guests equally. There may be a unique, special gift, than local product, the Kehidakustány honey the wolf from apiculture.

Robinia Honey

The robinia honey everywhere on the world between the trendy kind honeys owes. In 2014 declared hungarikummá, that let it get in between unique values. The differential qualitative features of the Hungarian robinia honey need the robinia forests being related apart from the most favourable climate, favourable environmental effects for his development. In Kehidakustány to this everything given, our bees here locally, from the hilly robinia forest with a distinguished quality the robinia honey is collected. With a harmonic flavour, acacia blossom fragrance, sweet, soft and less acid honey. His colour is yellowish mildly on this area. Because of the content of considerable fructose for a long time fluent is left over, his pollen content low. With a good antiseptic effect. Against coughing, and gastric acid against digestive disorders because of plethora recommended. The implement of a sweetener used with pleasure is not honey wine, honeyed brandy and honey brandy because of his dominant flavour character.
We drink our coffee with robinia honey. It is real so!

Rape Honey

The local one and the neighbourhood hosts sow enough rape onto our fortune in this direction, the bees collect the rape honey locally in spring so.
His colour yellow, fluent, but the most quickly crystallizing between honeys owes, becomes white already in a form like this. His crystals tiny, the delight value of the honey is not spoiled. The rape honey between the less acid honey ones owes, sufferers may enjoy it without a trouble in the gastric acid plethora because of this. Let us not forget the reductive, antiseptic effect of catching fire apart from this, and in case of anaemia proposed his consumption.


Linden Honey

They consist in our yard under linden trees, their blooming quiet we are informed about it with droning it stayed at home bees, that they found real bee pasture, because the others Mecsek the real, Linden honey with a distinguished quality is collected about neighbourhood lime trees. The different Linden for kinds all-all somebody else his colour, the darker ones with later blooming. Onto a crystallisation does not form into a block because of an inclined but fluent membrane between the crystals.
It is possible to feel the fragrance of the Linden and his flavour resolutely on the honey.
They recommend it against particularly bronchitis. Onto the alleviation of feverish illnesses and fit solution suitable. The effect of vasodilator is. Cure-like one recommended to help lose weight.


Faceli Honey

From that direction received his name, that after the acacia the best honey producer plant. Cultivated plant, blooms in a June, it is cultivated for his seed primarily. Because of the content of clear, tall fructose with a translucent colour for a long time fluent is left over. Good disinfecting, leather nurse effect, the burned one heals it excellently leather. The blood affects his cholesterol level positively.

Forest Honey

Is not made of the nectar of the flowers, mediatory kind honey demanding the presence of insects. The honeydew forms beside a very tall temperature and tall humidity on the letters of the trees, here in Kehidakustány the oak-forest and a pine-wood give the stock. With what extraordinary weather like this the honeydew is necessary to his development, may be rather rarely on this neighbourhood because of this this the kind to spin honey, counts as a real speciality. His colour darkness, onto a crystallisation inclined. Highest mineral content our honey. Contains pollen minimally, because of this pollen allergic it may be taken. Anaemia is recommended on his case. Digestion corrective, immune system amplifier, stamina increasing, respiratory tract dry cleaners effect.


The mixed nectar the honey mix of different flowers, excellent beltartalmi a value is at his disposal. At us primarily from the vernal flowers (from the flowers of fruit trees, the kehidai from wild garlic, from a dandelion stb.) gets into the glass as nectar, but because of the end of summer the goldenrod (szolidágó) too we market it as nectar. They contain different minerals and amino acids in wider choice because of the nectar mix of the diverse flower. We may take advantage of his salutary effect in case of a cold, with a good bactericidal and antiseptic effect. Very good choice onto the exterior treatment of grazed and crushed wounds. I use this honey for the baking of cakes mostly, his particularly delicate aroma.


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